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Food Book Clubs “Inspire Action!”

Food book clubs may or may not be a trend, but they can certainly move people to change how they eat. (Exhibit A: Our friend Sean Kelley’s pig-raising adventure.) Last year a Brooklyn-based freelance writer, Leah Koenig, contacted us about a story she wanted to write on food-themed book clubs. Slow Food USA’s national magazine, The Snail, published her article in the Fall 2008 issue. Check it out! (Starts on page number 16.)


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July: The Soul of a Chef

The Soul of a Chef: The Journey Toward Perfection by Michael RuhlmanOur next selection is The Soul of a Chef: The Journey Toward Perfection by Michael Ruhlman. This book is the second of three he’s written about the hard work, secrets, and ambitions of top American chefs. Ruhlman’s quite a prolific writer – he’s written a number of cookbooks and non-food related non-fiction books, too.

We’ll meet Tuesday, July 15, at 6pm, at LivonFifth, 2201 5th Avenue South in Birmingham. (Note that this isn’t our usual second Tuesday; we’ve pushed it back a week because of the 4th of July weekend – we figured quite a few people may be taking long weekends.)

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