October: The Perfect Fruit with author Chip Brantley!

The Perfect FruitTasty stuff on tap for our October meeting: We’re reading The Perfect Fruit: Good Breeding, Bad Seeds, and the Hunt for the Elusive Pluot by local author Chip Brantley. Chip is a man of many talents—he used to write about food for the San Francisco Examiner, he’s a former cheese maker, and also a co-founder of Cookthink. (A cool tool—you can search for recipes by craving!) Chip will join us for the meeting to talk about his book, and we’ll enjoy some pluot-Prosecco cocktails, homemade pluot jam, and a pluot dessert.

We’ll meet Tuesday, October 13, at 6pm, and we’ll announce the location shortly. (We’ll post the updated location here, and on Facebook—find us at Birmingham Foodie Book Club.) We will also send updates on Twitter; follow us @foodiebookclub.

If you’ve just heard about the Foodie Book Club and you’d like to check us out, you’re welcome to join us for our September meeting on Tuesday, September 15th, 6pm at Mr. Chen’s in Hoover.


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