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Sources for Eating Locally

Many of our members are interested in supporting nearby farms and the local economy as well as enjoying the benefits of having locally raised food. Here are a few sources:

Sequatchie Cove Farm: This farm is now offering a meat CSA with pick-up in Birmingham at Jones Valley Urban Farm. Sequatchie Cove is a Tennessee-based farm that raises heritage breed pork, grass fed beef, eggs, pick-your-own berries, seasonal vegetables, and they also produce cheese. (They’re hoping to do a cheese CSA. How cool would that be?)

Birdsong Community Farm: This farm offers grass-finished beef, eggs, pasture-raised chickens, fruit and vegetables.

Eat Local Alabama Food Guide: Earlier in 2009 the Foodie Book Club helped Amanda Storey of Food Revival put together some handouts of sources for local food (which were given out during the showing of Food, Inc). Download the handout here.



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