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February: The Edible Woman

Our February selection is a work of fiction, and it is Margaret Atwood’s first novel: The Edible Woman. We will meet Tuesday, February 9, at 6:00pm, location TBD (I’m hoping to perhaps see if we can meet in a local coffee shop).

As always, if you buy your book at Alabama Booksmith and mention you’re in the Foodie Book Club, you’ll get a 22% discount. But, for the month of January, you’ll also get to choose a free book from a special table of new titles in the shop. In fact, for every 2010 book club selection you buy in January, you’ll get a free book. Buy all 11 titles for the year, and you’ll get a 22% discount on all plus 11 free books! The store has our list of selections for the year.


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