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August: Spoon Fed

If you read food journalism in the New York Times, you’re familiar with the author of our August selection. We’re reading Spoon Fed: How Eight Cooks Saved My Life by Kim Severson. The book is a memoir that marries Kim’s personal struggles with profiles of eight women cooks: 7 of them are perhaps women who’ve had the most impact on America’s culinary landscape; the eighth is Severson’s mother. Each passes on a life lesson that we can all likely take something from. There are recipes, too.

We’ll meet on Tuesday, August 10th, at LivonFifth, 2201 5th Avenue South in Birmingham (the green building next to Workplay). a place to be announced. Until you get your copy of Spoon Fed, watch this interview with Nina Simonds, where Kim describes her inspiration for the book, the women she includes, and the wisdom they’ve given her.


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Foodie Book Club in The Birmingham Weekly

Cory Bordonaro wrote a nice little piece about the Foodie Book Club, with our picks for a food-themed summer reading list. My thanks to everyone who agreed to help Cory with this story, and to Cory.


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