October: The United States of Arugula

The United States of ArugulaEver wonder how America’s made a journey from foods like Hamburger Helper, the first TV dinners that you heated in the conventional ovens, and Betty Crocker cake mixes to locally-raised grass fed beef, prepared meals made with organic ingredients from Whole Foods, and gluten-free vegan gourmet cupcakes? David Kamp, a contributing editor to Vanity Fair and GQ, explores the nation’s food revolution and the personalities who have steered our course in The United States of Arugula.

Join us on Tuesday, October 12, at 6pm: We’ll meet in the outdoor seating area in front of Whole Foods in Mountain Brook. Come early to grab something to eat!

One more note: We’re starting to consider titles for our 2011 book selection list. If you’ve got any suggestions, leave a comment.



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4 responses to “October: The United States of Arugula

  1. I have just recently started running a food book group for the Culinary Guild of New England so I was interested to come across your website. We have read one book so far, Spoon Fed by Kim Severson, which I notice you have also done and our new book is Food Heroes by Georgia Pellegrini. I’ll be checking out your 2011 list when you put it up.

    I wanted to contact Shaun following a post on HubPages about wanting a digital index for his cookbooks. Check out my website eatyourbooks.com which is an online search engine for recipes in your own cookbooks.

    • Hi Jane –

      I’d love to hear how your food book club goes… and how you like Food Heroes.

      And, I discovered Eat Your Books about a month ago, from a Tweet. I love it! I subscribed after my trial. It is exactly what I have dreamed of having. It is SO convenient! I am using my cookbooks much more often now, and it makes me so happy.

      • I’m so pleased you had discovered EYB already and that it’s helping you use your cookbooks more. And apologies for switching gender on you – that’s the Brit coming out in me as Shaun is usually not a girl’s name in the UK. You would think after 11 years living in the USA I would be getting these nuances!

  2. No worries Jane! (It happens often.)

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