June: Crescent

Crescent by Diana Abu-JaberGet ready for a novel that treats us to the sensual foods of the Middle East. Our June selection is Crescent, a novel by Diana Abu-Jaber, an English professor, novelist, and Arab-American (her father is from Jordan, and she lived in Amman for two years as a child).

This novel tells the story of Sirine, who works in an Lebanese restaurant in Los Angeles. Hanif, an Iraqi man and teacher of Arabic literature, makes her restaurant a frequent stop for familiar foods, and a romance begins. But this is much more than a romance: It’s also about cultural identity and life in the US as an Arab American. (You might also find this essay by Abu-Jaber interesting, in which she writes about being labeled as an Arab-American writer.)

We’re meeting on Tuesday, June 14, at 6pm, at George’s Lebanese Restaurant, 44 Green Springs Highway in Homewood. Ali Baba, 1694 Montgomery Highway in Hoover. LivonFifth in downtown Birmingham. We’ll talk about Crescent and enjoy a Lebanese meal. Join us!


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