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February Meeting: An Extravagant Hunger

First, let me say thank you to all who came Tuesday to watch Kings of Pastry.  We watched (sometimes on the edge of our seats) as grown men toiled, cried, and molded sugar to wear “the collar.”   For those of you who came and wanted to follow-up on Jacquy Pfeiffer, Hanson Watkins of Indie Candy sent me this link on what has happened since filming the documentary.  For those of you who could not make it Tuesday, you can request the film through the Jefferson County Library System, and the main copy is at the Hoover location.

An extravagant hunger

Up this month, is Anne Zimmerman’s look at M. F. K. Fisher’s life, loves, accolades and tragedies in An Extravagant Hunger.  The author pulls the tablecloth out from under Ms. Fisher’s bold knife and fork, and details the good, bad, and beautiful dishes that punctuated every moment of her extraordinary life.  The author adequately channels all the fire and passion M. F. K. Fisher displayed in her published writings.   Before you think you don’t have time to read this before February 12th, it is a quick and raucously good read.  I tore through it in about three days.  Maybe less.

The February meeting will be Tuesday, February 12th at 6:30pm at O’Henry’s Coffee in Brookwood Village in the loft area.  Please note the time change to 6:30pm.  Hoover Library still has a hard copy available, however, the next available copy at Mountain Brook is due back 2/5.

Next month, we’ll be getting our wine fix with Jay McInerney’s, The Juice.


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Local Event: Desert Island Supply Company – The Unchained Tour

On Thursday, January 17th, Desert Island Supply Company hosts The Unchained Tour promoting independent booksellers around the south. Here is a some information located on DISCO’s website :


The Unchained Tour is an 11-show, 9-city bus tour throughout the South, drawing attention to and promoting locally owned, independent bookstores.

The tour pairs brilliant raconteurs, including George Dawes Green, the founder of The Moth, with live music and circus performers.

The Desert Island Supply Co. is excited to host Birmingham Unchained this Thursday, January 17. Tickets are $15. FinerGrind is supplying coffee and the J. Clyde will have cash bar serving beer and wine.

Do not miss The Unchained Tour this Thursday, January 17.

Tickets are available here.




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January 2013: Starting with Dessert

It’s going to be a great year for the Birmingham Foodie Book Club!

kingsofpastry  It will start off on Tuesday, January 22nd with a movie night!!  Join us to watch the documentary the UK press dubbed “the culinary ‘Hurt Locker’,” Kings of Pastry.  We will be meeting in the club room of Livon5th at 2201 5th Ave. South in Birmingham at 6:00pm.  You are welcome to bring food and any beverage of your choosing, including adult varieties. As I am in the bake shop at culinary school this semester, I will bring the sweets.

In the meantime, you can watch the trailer here.

An extravagant hunger

 In February, we will read Anne Zimmerman’s deliciously decadent take on M. F. K. Fisher’s life and loves in An Extravagant Hunger.  Like most of us, Zimmerman knew there was much more behind the woman who virtually started the food literature genre.  She “mines Fisher’s journals and letters to create a rich portrait of a troubled, talented woman with a hearty appetite. ‘No matter her location or level of emotional anguish, she always noticed the meal in front of her,’ Zimmerman writes. ‘From her first salad on the rumbling train into Paris, to the inky wines that swayed in her glass on [a ship called] the Cellina, the colors and flavors of great food and wine brought her incomparable pleasure.'” – Washington Post (March 6, 2011)

The February meeting will be on Tuesday, February 12th, at 6pm at a location to be announced shortly.

Thejuice In March, we will wax poetic about wine with Jay McInernery’s book The Juice.  This collection of vignettes from his Wall Street Journal column.  This book is a fast-paced, make-you-green-with-envy, view from the top of the wine world. writes, “McInerney provides a master class in the almost infinite varieties of wine and the people and places that produce it all the world over, from the historic past to the often confusing present. From such legendary châteaus as Margaux and Latour and Palmer to Australia and New Zealand and South Africa, to new contenders in Santa Rita Hills and Paso Robles, we learn about terroir  and biodynamic viticulture, what Champagnes are affordable (or decidedly not), even what to drink over thirty-seven courses at Ferran Adrià’s El Bulli—in all, an array of grapes and wine styles that is comprehensive and thirst inducing.”

We will meet on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 6pm at a location to be announced in February.

Hope to see you all next week at Livon5th for to watch all the drama, tears, and sugar sculpting for those who compete to be the Kings of Pastry!

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